pdfMachine Troubleshooting

Office is not communicating with pdfMachine

If you are experiencing one of the following problems with pdfMachine or pdfMachine merge :

Problem : mapi.dll fails to load

"mapi.dll failed to load"

Problem : pdfMachine merge fails with one of the following errors :

Failed Connection with Microsoft Office or Internet Explorer
Could not click pdfMachine addin print button
Interface not registered

Problem : pdfMachine merge error :

During a pdfMachine merge documents, PDF files are not produced and the following error occurs

error:  Could not attach File : ....  System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file ... 


Microsoft Office is not communicating with pdfMachine. Follow the steps in the order below to resolve this.

pdfMachine and pdfMachine merge users

  • Repair or Reinstall Microsoft Office
  • Reboot
  • Reinstall pdfMachine as an Administrator, make sure you have the Office addin checkbox checked.
  • Confirm that the office addin is working by creating a simple Word document and using the pdfMachine office addin, create a PDF
  • If you can't see the addin it may be your configuration of Office. Word has a few settings you need to adjust to allow add-ins. Microsoft describes some of the steps you need to take to see your Office Add-Ins here.

pdfMachine merge users (make sure you have performed the steps above first)

  • Reinstall pdfMachine merge
  • Run one of the sample profiles provided that uses Office, eg "Test Profile - Word Template". You can run in test mode.