Scanned pages can be converted to searchable text that will be stored invisibly within the PDF when saved. This allows readers of the PDF to search the PDF for the text, and also to copy and paste the converted text. pdfMachine uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to convert the scanned pages into text. Conversion to text by OCR is not 100% accurate.

To convert a scanned page into text first open it in pdfMachine. You can use pdfScanMachine to scan a page into pdfMachine if you wish. From the Tools menu (in either Viewer mode or Edit mode) select Run OCR.

The very first time you run OCR from pdfMachine you will need to select the language of the file you are converting from. For example, if your scanned page has English text on it select "English". pdfMachine will proceed to download and install the language files needed to perform the conversion.

note: The language selection will be remembered for future conversions. The language files do not need to be downloaded each time. If you wish to change the language you can do this using the "Select OCR language" from the Tools menu.

pdfMachine will then convert the scanned pages.

Perform a Save or Save As to save the invisible text with the PDF.

The text is now searchable from PDF readers with search capability. The text can also be copied and pasted.